In my works, purely artistic objects – statues, sculptures and paintings, as well as design collections – I like to be inspired and led by colors, shapes, combinations of materials, nature, the world around us, and by the architecture and art streams of the first half the last century.

With each object that has gone through my hands, I have tried to impart a spirit that embodies a part of myself, that brings joy to the person who uses it and that shines a bit more light into the grayness of everyday life.

Maximum quality processing, the use of the best initial materials, originality, care and a sense for detail – these are the basic ingredients in the background throughout my whole process of creation and production. Let yourself get carried away by the uniqueness of each collection, each statue, each shape or color.

A little bit about me and my work on the Czech TV series
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Articles about me and my work
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Originality guarantee, quality guarantee

Each product is the result of 100% handmade work, 100% original, without the use of any patterns. The best available materials are used for production. The final design and production technology arises from the possible use of the specific object, i.e. burn-out at highest temperatures (maximum merge-in and non-absorbability of the material, i.e. a fragment); in the case of metals being used, the exteriors are zinc coated (i.e. should the protective layer of color be disturbed, no rust will result).

For all the products I state have the possibility of being used outdoors, I guarantee year-round use without the necessity or need for special care. I provide 3 years guarantees for all my products (with the exclusion of mechanical damage).