Petra Safarova
Two each of gray, white, and black shirts laying flat.
Model wearing plain black basic tee.
Model wearing plain white basic tee.

Garden bench Orient

  • 120 cm two person, or 160 cm three person bench
  • top slab: hand painted and glazed stoneware
  • hand forged
  • outdoor ceramics = year-round outdoor use
  • custom design
  • price: quotes provided per request


A garden bench has several very important functions – it is a place for a short rest while working in the garden, an attractive hideaway when reading a thrilling book, listening to an enticing piece of music or just enjoying your time while listening to birdsongs and indulging in the scent of the flowers and bushes planted by your very own hands. Last but not least, it is part of the ambience in your own outdoor space, a private island dedicated solely to you. Its decoration, style and design have to match the aesthetics of your space. This is why here you can choose the one that ticks all the right boxes.

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