Petra Safarova
Two each of gray, white, and black shirts laying flat.
Model wearing plain black basic tee.
Model wearing plain gray basic tee.
Model wearing plain white basic tee.

Garden table Orange

  • diameters: 45 cm, 60 cm, 120 cm or a size of your choice
  • top slab: hand painted and glazed stoneware
  • hand forged
  • zinc surface treatment + anti-corrosion protective coat of paint
  • outdoor ceramics = year-round outdoor use
  • custom made design
  • price: quotes provided per request


A garden table is a place to enjoy yourself while having a rest or spending precious moments with your family, friends and neighbours. Or for little moments of our everyday lives in these fast-moving times when we stop for a while and just enjoy the present moment and all of a sudden we remember that savouring every second is what matters.
Conjure your own, original and welcoming atmosphere in your garden with a design table that nobody else owns.

Would you like to have your very own original design?

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