Petra Safarova


Colours, shapes, material combinations, nature, world around us, architecture and art styles of the first half of the previous century – all these are my sources of inspiration, which guide me in the process of art creation – be it in the purist sense – statues, plastic arts and paintings, or when working on the design collections.

I strive for each object that passes through my hands to have a soul, to retain a part of myself and bring joy to those, who use it. I want it to bring light into the dull grey everyday reality.

Top notch quality of workmanship, first-rate initial materials, originality, due care and sense of detail are the essential ingredients of my creative and crafting process.

My artwork can be found in many places of the world – in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Spain (including a private collection on the Canary Islands) USA and Hawaii.


Luxury women ́s handbags brand BONCLÉ came into being thanks to my art studio. Each of these handbags are one of a kind and match French charm with splendid passion. Would you like to give yourself a treat and show the world your inner goddess?

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Petra Safarova